Konfigurasjonsverktøy for Autroprime

AutroClient is a PC-based configuring and service tool, running under Windows XP / Win7. AutroClient includes the following main features:

  • Unit statuses like alarm, fault, disable, output activation, supervisory and test will be displayed.
  • Presents the graphical topology of the panel, loop units, onboard and MIMIC units.
  • Rename units
  • Create detection and alarm zones
  • Reconfigure points relations to detection zone.
  • Reconfigure fire alarm device relation to alarm zones.
  • Create activation groups and define cause/effect properties for input units, points, and detection zones. Connect outputs like fire alarm devices, alarm zones and outputs. Configuring activation group criteria like input, fault, disable, output state, voting and silence.
  • Set day/night mode
  • Set system time
  • Configure sound pattern
  • The AutroClient can be used to send commands to the Autroprime panel, e.g. disable and enable units, start and stop unit test, save config and restart panel etc.

AutroClient can be used to generate Config.xml off-line configuration or connected to a Autroprime panel for on-line configuration. After an on-line configuration the user has to save the configuration and restart the Autroprime.

Artikkelnr.: 116-AUTROCLIENT


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